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What is Op AutoClicker?

In simple words, it is a full-fledged auto clicker that has two different means of auto-clicking, at either a dynamic cursor location or a pre-defined location. The maximum count of clicks can also be set if the user wants by using left as infinite. 

The program is compatible with various operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Mac & Android operating systems. The software is free to download and use that is available in the English language. 

Features of OP AutoClicker

Here, we have enlisted some features of the OP auto clicker as enlisted below. 

It is open-source software. 

Available at zero cost. 

Clear user interface.

Set to follow cursor or can predefine a particular location. 

Selecting tapping between left & right button on the mouse. 

Assists single, double as well as triple-clicking. 

Hotkeys always operate in the background.

It uses Low storage in the CPU. 

There are no Ads, malware, or viruses. 



Software Information

  • Date - April 12, 2021, 1:19 p.m.
  • Offered by - OP Auto Clicker
  • Platform - Windows
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