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Download OP Auto Clicker

Project brief

What is Op AutoClicker?

In simple words, it is a full-fledged auto clicker that has two different means of auto-clicking, at either a dynamic cursor location or a pre-defined location. The maximum count of clicks can also be set if the user wants by using left as infinite. 

The program is compatible with various operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Mac & Android operating systems. The software is free to download and use that is available in the English language. 

Features of OP AutoClicker

Here, we have enlisted some features of the OP auto clicker as enlisted below. 

It is open-source software. 

Available at zero cost. 

Clear user interface.

Set to follow cursor or can predefine a particular location. 

Selecting tapping between left & right button on the mouse. 

Assists single, double as well as triple-clicking. 

Hotkeys always operate in the background.

It uses Low storage in the CPU. 

There are no Ads, malware, or viruses. 



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Download GS Auto Clicker for Windows

Project brief

Introduction to GS Auto Clicker

If you play a competitive game, you must know how quick clicks are essential in any competitive environment. Many games prohibit using bots for gaining a competitive upper hand, but not everyone has lightspeed reflexes. Using professional clicking tactics can create difficult situations for you as well. Mouse clickers are also very useful in most scenarios that require repetition of clicks and other actions. GS Auto Clicker is one such program that can allow automation of clicking actions with the help of a virtual mouse.

What is GS Auto Clicker

GS auto clicker is software that fakes clicks from mouse or keyboard to automate tasks. This software is an excellent way of boosting your productivity with software or get a competitive edge in games. No matter the situation, you can expect GS Auto Clicker to perform well as it does not consume many resources.

GS Auto Clicker is a quick and clever way of simplifying any repetitive task you might have at hand. GS Auto Clicker is popular because of its ability to adapt to any preference.

GS Auto Clicker is very simple to use but also accessible at the same time. GS is also compatible with most computer games available in the market.

How GS Auto Clicker works

You can set up GS Auto Clicker by download the file from the internet. The installation files are generally very lightweight, and you can use the interface to modify the installation settings. The installation interface also provides the ability to create shortcuts on your desktop.

You can follow the below steps to install GS Auto Clicker on your device:

  • Download the GS Auto Clicker from their official website.
  • Double click on the file after it finishes downloading.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions from the GS Auto Clicker installer to finish installing all the necessary files on your computer.
  • The following window will show you click interval, which defines how fast do you want the clicks. This value can be in an hour, minutes, seconds, and even milliseconds. You have to fill the value in the corresponding boxes depending upon the weight you want to enter.
  • You will now see the check-boxes where you can select single-, double-, or triple-clicks.
  • If you want to set click limits to your custom script, you can define the number of clicks after the program should stop.
  • Now you can enter the program with which GS should interact with. You can specify any program you want, including the specific locations where you want the clicks.
  • When you are working with the application, press the hotkeys that activate GS Auto Clicker. The program will automatically execute a script of your choice with peak precision.

Features of GS Auto Clicker

GS Auto Clicker has some very significant features which set this software apart from others in its league:

  • GS Auto Clicker has support for both single and double clicks without any issues with compatibility with applications.
  • With GS Auto Clicker, you can execute Macros with your mouse clicks.
  • GS Auto Clicker supports every mouse button that your mouse contains. This feature allows for some great combinations of functions in almost every type of game you are playing.
  • GS Auto Clicker has the function of modifying intervals between every click, which can range from milliseconds to hours.
  • GS Auto Clicker also allows you to change hotkeys that begin and end every macro.
  • GS Auto Clicker can let you record intricate click patterns and functions to use later.
  • GS Auto Clicker is less than a megabyte, making it very lightweight in the current generation of computing.

Applications of GS Auto Clicker 

GS Auto Clicker finds a lot of applications in the market of mobile and computer devices. Some of them are:

Online gaming

Some online games require regular clicks of buttons, be it mobile or computer, to mine resources. Some examples of similar games are Minecraft and Roblox. These games require steady clicking of mouse buttons to collect resources from the environment. Clicking the same button, again and again, can be very pressurizing for your fingers and can tire your hand out.

There are fast clicking methods that professional gamers practice to perfect their clicks. But research shows that these click methods can induce some hazardous diseases in your body. One such disease is arthritis, which happens because of non-ergonomic mouse or keyboard use. GS Auto Clicker can save you exhaustion and numerous wasting diseases in the long run.


Data entry

Data entry jobs can be difficult sometimes as they require regular clicking of the same buttons again and again. The task can get repetitive after a certain period and boring as well. Although, if you have sources and do not want to miss out on the money, the better option is the use of GS Auto Clicker. You can program the entire action inside the program, and the artificial intelligence of this program will precisely execute the script. The precision of GS Auto Clicker certainly gives you an edge over your profession as well.

Other applications that require regular clicks

If you have to fill excel sheets, you can automate a macro that calculates values with just a single button. Word can also contain a lot of functions that you can automate by using GS Auto Clicker. A lot of Microsoft access functions require automation to produce datasheets. Copy and pasting is the easiest thing to automate with the help of GS Auto Clicker. One such example of efficient automation is an automatic data transfer which copy-pastes data from a spreadsheet without human intervention.

In conclusion to GS Auto Clicker

GS Auto Clicker is a practical application that efficiently automates the repetitive entry of keys from your keyboard or mouse into a particular program. The application directly inputs data in your RAM in the form of a fake keyboard or mouse. Since the application reads the inputs as real input devices, they do not run into any issues.

Many online games use GS Auto Clicker if the player does not want to push buttons on their mouse or keyboard constantly. The use of GS Auto Clicker can save you a lot of time and energy, as you can create macro out of any key combination.

GS Auto Clicker comes with a hotkey feature that allows you to enter certain vital combinations to open the application without clicking on the icon.


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Download Minecraft Auto Clicker

Project brief

Introduction to Minecraft Auto Clicker

If you have experience with Minecraft, you must know the constant clicking, which starts becoming a chore with time. In Minecraft, you have a mechanism of mining resources with the help of a pickaxe and continuous clicking. It is not easy to do the clicking repeatedly without having pain in your fingers after the play session is complete.

It is better to use an Auto Clicker to automate specific clicking tasks with minimal issues in your playtime. With Auto Clicker, you will save your hands from a lot of pain and your mind from confusion. With a macro, you do not have to constantly click the same button repeatedly, as it will store the data of clicks in a small file known as script.

What is Auto Clicker

Auto-Clicker is a small program that inputs fake clicks inside a particular application without human intervention. The program uses artificial intelligence to read and input data in the correct location inside the RAM. You can program your scripts, collecting clicks and actions inside a tiny file. Auto Clicker also allows you to program certain buttons as hotkeys that execute a hand or macro when you click them.

With Minecraft, you can use Auto Clicker without any bans in online matches if you are careful. A lot of people who like playing online games have physical disorders that limit their hand movement. An Auto Clicker gives them the flexibility to play Minecraft and other multiplayer games without worsening the pain in their hands.

Auto Clicker is also valuable for many other applications outside Minecraft, as it possesses the ability to communicate with applications independently. You can fine-tune the app according to your preference depending upon your needs, and Auto Clicker will ultimately adapt to that preference.

How Auto Clicker works with Minecraft

Auto Clicker can automate specific actions in your Minecraft game like mining, hitting, and even crafting. You can define particular hotkeys which you want to use with a particular macro. Since every script and macro in this application have their selection of usable hotkeys, you will not have to worry much about activating the application. If you want a repetitive clicking on the right mouse button, you can program it with a tap and hold of the same button.

With Auto Clicker, you can also automate precise clicks for Minecraft without any issues by using the following simple steps:

  • The first step for you is to visit and download the latest build.
  • After you finish downloading the program, you should double click on the file and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Once you complete the installation, you can open Auto Clicker and go through the user interface.
  • In the window, you will see the click delay option. This feature defines how much delay is in between every click in Minecraft. You can put this value in seconds, minutes, hours, and milliseconds.
  • You can now set your mouse click interval and button that you want to automate. You can also choose a keyboard button if you prefer the same. Mostly this button is the left mouse button which stands for using the pickaxe repeatedly on resources.
  • Now you can specify an exact location where you want the click. If you have a sequence of multiple clicks, you can do so with the help of Auto Clicker as well.
  • You can now start Minecraft and press the hotkey which you assign in the application itself. The hotkey will begin the automation of the click sequence.
  • Press the same hotkey if you wish to stop the sequence from running.

Features of Auto Clicker

Easy to access UI

Auto Clicker comes with an intuitive user interface that you can easily use and navigate through at your convenience. You will also find the available features quickly because of segmented designing standards.

Quick as lightning

You can put a click delay of 1 millisecond at minimum, which is pretty low. The clicks will require significant computing power, but it is generally not practical. The best speed for Auto Clicker is 30 milliseconds.

No more pain

Butterfly and drag clicking techniques are efficient for professional play, but much research data suggests that they can induce dangerous physical disorders. So Auto Clicker is an option that accomplishes the same task without any pain in your fingers.

No bans

Even in online Minecraft, you will not get hit with any ban hammers without your knowledge. Auto Clicker is not detectable to Minecraft as a program but as an independent set of input devices. The clicks which go to Minecraft transfer as a signal from a fake pair of keyboard and mouse. With the help of some intelligent algorithms, we have found a way of evading automatic cheating detectors.

Enhances your experience

Imagine Minecraft without constant clicking, and it sounds like bliss. With Auto Clicker, it is possible. Now you can wholly immerse yourself in the game instead of worrying about your exhaustion from constant clicking.

Applications of Auto Clicker for Minecraft

Auto Clicker for Minecraft can automate several functions inside the game to elevate your gaming experience, online and offline:

Automate your Minecraft

So, you are ready for another survival experience, and you pick up your ax. But the first thing you encounter in this playthrough is the constant clicking of your mouse. This action can be very dull for new and old players alike. But you can automate this task by just using Auto Clicker for Minecraft when you play the game.

Automate crafting

You can automate the crafting process of any type of material in the game with the help of an organized macro. You can create a sequence of clicks and swipes on the screen to navigate and craft the particular item. If you have many buttons in your mouse, you can automate as much item crafting as possible.

Automate jumps and other movement activities

You cannot use bunny hop in Minecraft because of air control limitations. You can still evade many hits if you have a well-organized set of macros, which enhances your in-game movement.

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Download Roblox Auto Clicker

Project brief

Introduction to Roblox Auto Clicker

Roblox is a very creative game that allows you to create small games which people can enjoy for free during their free time. The main purpose of Roblox is to provide the player with a good time, but some Roblox games can be very competitive. Some games do require regular clicking to win the competition between you and other players on the server.

But rapid clicking requires a lot of practice to perfect, and can also induce harmful medical conditions to your body in the long run. It is better to use Auto Clicker to automate the rapid clicking tasks instead of harming your body.

What is Roblox Auto Clicker?

Auto Clicker is software that helps automate clicks inside any Roblox game you run. You can automate almost any action inside the program. The amazing thing about Auto Clicker is that it gives you the power to alter the working of your Roblox client without even intervening with the program.

The whole program has a simple user interface that tells you about the programming and available scripts you made.

You do not have to concern about bans in your Roblox account if you set the program up correctly. Roblox does have rules in place which regard the use of auto clickers as cheating, but not every clicker comes into the list.

The best way to use Auto Clicker in Roblox is to simulate left mouse clicks. The whole process rewards you with experience points and drops without having to do any real work. If you use Auto Clicker with multiple buttons for Roblox, you will get banned.

A lot of people around the world have medical conditions such as Asparagus, which makes the hands of a person hurt when they do repetitive actions. Such people do need the use of Auto Clicker, so it is not cheating.

Several games on the internet, including Roblox, limit the use of Auto Clicker to make sure nobody is cheating to get an edge over their competitors.  

How Auto Clicker works with Roblox

You can install Auto Clicker with Roblox by following a few simple steps:

  • Visit to find the download link for the installer.
  • Double click on the installer after you finish downloading and follow the instructions you see on the screen.
  • Once you complete the installation, you can run Auto Clicker
  • In the window, the first thing you will be able to see is clicker intervals. It will define how quickly every tap will happen inside the Roblox games. You can set the intervals in a matter of hours, seconds, minutes, and even milliseconds. Make sure to fill all the values in the corresponding boxes.
  • After you set the interval, you can enter the type of click you want to simulate. They can be single, double, and triple clicks.
  • You should choose the left mouse button with a single click. You can put .30 milliseconds of delay between every click because that is a good balance between ‘human’, and quick.
  • Now open your Roblox client and specify the click location for Auto Clicker.
  • Start your Auto Clicker app with the designated hotkey and let it do the work.

Try not to go AFK for too long, as then the app will detect that a human is not doing the action. You can also define movement keys to fill Roblox into thinking you are on your computer.

Features of Auto Clicker

Auto Clicker comes with a lot of unique features that give its users the power to alter the game according to their will.

  • You can easily program whichever key you want to use with the game.
  • You can program single, double, and even triple clicks as per your requirements of actions in Roblox.
  • You can use the hotkeys with Auto Clicker even if Roblox is running in the background because the application reads your RAM and enters data directly through it.
  • You can choose any mouse button you want to program to react with Roblox.
  • You can put a limit on the number of times Auto Clicker fakes the inputs inside the software.
  • You can choose many different clicks points or just a stationary point in the application.

Applications of Auto Clicker for Roblox

Using Auto Clicker rewards you with a lot of applications inside and outside the game which can keep your fun intact while providing you with a competitive advantage.

Multitask with Roblox- Roblox consists of a lot of activities that use repetitive clicking as a means of interaction. Actions such as farming, digging, shooting, and punching people require you to hit the left mouse button constantly. With Auto Clicker, you can use a lot of other apps and games while the applications mine resources for you inside Roblox.

Competitive edge- Some games in Roblox can get very competitive, as you will get rewards depending upon your kill or damage points inside the game. Getting rewards is indeed fun, but the whole process can get boring at times. You can set up automatic clicks with Auto Clicker to gather points for you while you relax.

No more pain- If you have a medical condition in your hands that limits the movements you do, you can use Auto Clicker without any hindrance. Arthritis is the most common reason why some people try using Auto Clicker instead of repeatedly pressing the same button again and again on the keyboard and mouse. You will significantly reduce the rate at which your disease is progressing if you stop doing actions that eat away your joints at a rapid pace. Auto Clicker can accurately fake clicks inside any application, so you do not have a limit to only use this application inside Roblox, but outside as well.  

Save time- Outside Roblox, you can also automate other tasks, which can save you time and let you play Roblox without any hindrance.  Inside Roblox, doing the action with a bot offers accurate use of time in your hands, and saves you a lot of sweat and time. Efficient clicks that come in a perfect sequence that are accurate up to the milliseconds, can make use of time very concise and efficient for you.


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Download Android Auto Clicker for your Android Phones

Project brief

Introduction to Android Auto Clicker

AutoClicker is an application for your mobile device that can automate the tapping of your finger, without any human intervention. You can trigger the application by running it on your device. You will have to record a tapping action inside an application that you intend to use with available applications on your device. 

Our AutoClicker program is very simple and has the sole intention of simulating taps. The user interface of AutoClicker is also simple to make sure you can use it without getting lost in a multitude of options that you know nothing about. AutoClicker can also work alongside other applications on your phone and will react with touches on a separate application in the background. 

How AutoClicker works on Android

AutoClicker allows its users to define a set of hotkeys and trigger phrases which can expand to previously defined applications, automating repetitive tapping tasks and even typing.

The user can also configure hotkeys and trigger phrases according to configurations to run scripts that use the power of Python to perform actions. Most applications will respond to the fake taps which AutoClicker presents as if the user was doing the actions. This allows AutoClicker to make these applications perform almost any tasks which are possible. All the user will have to do, is program the hotkeys and press a button. 

Since we write the AutoClicker scripts in an android friendly language, they can interact with the whole system to perform tasks that might be difficult for the user to do themselves, such as regular tapping on the screen. The application can also perform calculations and make decisions. This application provides a simple interface and management tools for the script to make sure you have full control over the information you program the interactions for.

Single taps on Android Auto Clicker

Single taps are great for applications where constant tapping is necessary. Some idle tapping games require regular tapping for you to collect powers. But that is a general example, a more complex application can be organizational data entry applications. These applications require the user to constantly enter values in the application dialog boxes.

So regular tapping on the application where data is passing from is a necessity. Doing the same action, again and again, can take some toll on your hands and fingers. So, it is better to automate that task and leave every action you can program into the AutoClicker application, and we will do the job for you in an easy way. 

Multi-taps on Android Auto Clicker

Multi-taps are a very interesting way of getting things to work on android phones. Every phone has a certain sensory time limit during which more than one tap on the screen will reflect as a double-tap action.

You have to do it in the right amount of time, which requires even more work than a single tap. You can automate this task and lighten the load of constantly tapping on your screen, and creating bumps at the edges of your finger. 

Triple-taps on Android Auto Clicker

Triple taps are just like double taps, but only a few applications with special computing algorithms can detect them. This option is not very viable for everyone, but you can still use it wherever it is necessary. AutoClicker can easily fake triple taps without any interaction or intervention from your side.

Since only a few apps have support for triple taps, some apps can detect them as double taps. The computation task will be larger than double, so you should make sure to not turn this on if you do not need it. 

Idle clickers on Android Auto Clicker

Idle clickers are one of the best ways to pass your time during break hours of work. The applications have reward systems depending on how long you can tap on your screen. But a lot of people do not play clickers for the tapping, but the achievements. This is not wrong in itself, as one can use an application the way they want. 

If you want to earn achievements inside your idle clickers like Egg Inc, or Tap Titans, you should get yourself AutoClicker for android to make life easier.

How you can operate android AutoClicker 

With AutoClicker you can activate a floating menu that will ask you to grant a few permissions. After you grant the permissions, you can choose to either activate a tapping action on a specific part of the screen. Or you can activate the action on many different parts of the screen at the same time. You can then close the panel and let the AutoClicker work on its own. 

The app will work like a charm until you decide to stop it. Or you can change the settings of each mode to add more calculative algorithms. You can also place a click stop limit which will automatically quit the application after a certain number of taps. 

Features of Android AutoClicker

Easy to use

AutoClicker has a very intuitive and straightforward user interface that responds to your every action. The application also does not use too many resources because it has a very simple working principle. 

Record your gestures

You can easily record the gesture and the app where the said gesture will act. AutoClicker will automate the gesture according to the algorithms you define. 

Curve swipes and two fingers zoom

Two fingers zoom and swipes are necessary actions for scrolling. You can automate those actions as well without any hindrance with AutoClicker. 

Personalize your application

Our application allows you to change the opacity of windows and if you want feedback after every tap. You can have the power of personalization to you so that you have a better experience with our software. 

Custom click parameters

You can set custom parameters for the click, such as the position of the tap. You can also set the delay at which the tap rate changes and the duration of every tap. 

Save and load

You can save your touch recordings with us online, and we will sync that data across your mobile devices. You just have to create a working account on our website. 

Start and stop the timer

You can set limits for which the AutoClicker will run. After the click rate reaches the limit, the app will automatically stop.


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Download Auto Clicker for Mac OS

Project brief

Introduction to Mac Auto Clicker

Mac Auto Clicker is software that can simulate mouse or keyboard clicks in your Mac computer without your engagement. This function gives gamers the most leverage by helping them avoid tiring clicking tasks inside the game. A lot of people also use this application to fake human clicks on a website or application where necessary. Mac users use Auto Clicker for many different reasons, as this application can engage with any other program which is running inside your computer. 

If you have to type a phrase on your computer in your data entry job every time a new set of data enters the database, it can get tiring. Having an Auto Clicker which can fake the inputs with peak precision instead of you, will be good enough. The whole function can sound a little difficult to execute but modern technology allows every possible way for it to happen. And we at Auto Clicker make it easy for you to do the same. 

Mac Auto Clicker for Gamers

Most professional gamers who play games that require quick reflects use different clicking techniques which require a lot of practice and dedication to master. Some of the clicking techniques include drag clicking, butterfly clicking, and jitter clicking. You will see jitter and butterfly techniques to be in use by most players who commit time and effort. The downside of using these methods is that you have to practice them sufficiently to make a habit out of them, or you will end up doing physical injuries to yourself. 

A lot of medical reports also suggest that these techniques can induce a lot of medical problems in a long run. So, it is better to use Auto Clicker when you are playing simulator games such as Farmville, Minecraft, and others.

How is Auto Clicker useful in Mac OS?

A lot of gamers prefer a windows operating system to play competitive games online. But the mac is a great computer for workers and college students who have to store a lot of academic and professional files online. However, certain games run through web apps on your browser and let you have a great experience without downloading them.

A lot of mac users thus use Auto Clicker to rank higher in the leaderboards of the games. Professional gaming organizations consider this method as cheating and so many players avoid using them in open. But private online play usage is not a wrong thing, especially when no one is watching you. 

Other than that, data entry is a job that is undertaken by people who have significant skills with fast clicking speeds. Not everyone can have that clicking speed, but modern-day requirements want people to provide a lot of work in a single day without fail, or they will face a loss of pay.

Now, it is not a wise choice to put yourself through harsh work and ruining your fingers and joints for a few thousand bucks. That is where Auto Clicker comes into play, as you can automate clicks the way you want to. 

Auto Clicker can do your data entry jobs

Data entry jobs are all about typing, mouse-clicking, and desktop navigation. If you have a form filling process, the whole will have to repeat a lot of times. Imagine if your computer could do the whole job for you without you even moving a finger, how easy and time-saving would that be? Auto Clicker does just that and automates the actions which you record inside the software. 

Auto Clicker communicates with the software of your choice and modifies its value using your administrative permissions inside the RAM. You can customize the software as per your requirements and enter the value you want at the boxes. You can choose the software of your choice which will react to the programmable scripts. You can also choose the hotkeys which will react as a particular action in the software. 

How can I use Auto Clicker on Mac?

Auto Clicker allows you to automate manual keyboard inputs which you normally enter when playing or doing data entry. When you are playing the game or using the data entry software you can open Auto Clicker and enable the necessary script you need for the job.

You can also enable all the optional features which you want and disable the ones that are of no use to you. AutoClicker on Mac comes with a multitude of optional features which might not fit the taste of every gamer or worker, but it is still useful when necessary. 

  • Download the MAC Auto Clicker on your computer through

  • Once you complete the installation of our software, you can explore the features and options which can aid you in your next match.

  • You can create a few new programs by adding another script. The software will automatically record your actions and execute them whenever you press a hotkey or activate the application.

  • In any case, if you have a repetitive task at hand, you can enable the macro recording and proceed with the instructions.

  • Once you get comfortable with the software, you can plan an automatic macro with a hotkey.

  • Press the button while using the application and Auto Clicker will start executing the script with artificial intelligence.

Features of Mac Auto Clicker

Custom macro programming

You can create your macro of any mouse or keyboard clicks which will execute with a single click.

Fake clicks on every mouse button

If you a custom mouse consisting of many different buttons, you will not have to worry about compatibility unless the mouse sends encrypted signals to your PC for some reason. 

Single, double, or triple clicks on Mac Auto Clicker

You can simulate as many numbers of clicks as you want as well. AutoClicker has no restrictions in functionality, even if it is free. 

Stop functions with a single click

You can start or stop the application with programable hotkeys that tell the software its starting and stopping points. You will get notifications telling you about the status of the app.

Specify how many clicks you want

The application is adaptable to the need of the user, and you can program click limits to tell the application when to start and stop. 

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