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Introduction to Android Auto Clicker

AutoClicker is an application for your mobile device that can automate the tapping of your finger, without any human intervention. You can trigger the application by running it on your device. You will have to record a tapping action inside an application that you intend to use with available applications on your device. 

Our AutoClicker program is very simple and has the sole intention of simulating taps. The user interface of AutoClicker is also simple to make sure you can use it without getting lost in a multitude of options that you know nothing about. AutoClicker can also work alongside other applications on your phone and will react with touches on a separate application in the background. 

How AutoClicker works on Android

AutoClicker allows its users to define a set of hotkeys and trigger phrases which can expand to previously defined applications, automating repetitive tapping tasks and even typing.

The user can also configure hotkeys and trigger phrases according to configurations to run scripts that use the power of Python to perform actions. Most applications will respond to the fake taps which AutoClicker presents as if the user was doing the actions. This allows AutoClicker to make these applications perform almost any tasks which are possible. All the user will have to do, is program the hotkeys and press a button. 

Since we write the AutoClicker scripts in an android friendly language, they can interact with the whole system to perform tasks that might be difficult for the user to do themselves, such as regular tapping on the screen. The application can also perform calculations and make decisions. This application provides a simple interface and management tools for the script to make sure you have full control over the information you program the interactions for.

Single taps on Android Auto Clicker

Single taps are great for applications where constant tapping is necessary. Some idle tapping games require regular tapping for you to collect powers. But that is a general example, a more complex application can be organizational data entry applications. These applications require the user to constantly enter values in the application dialog boxes.

So regular tapping on the application where data is passing from is a necessity. Doing the same action, again and again, can take some toll on your hands and fingers. So, it is better to automate that task and leave every action you can program into the AutoClicker application, and we will do the job for you in an easy way. 

Multi-taps on Android Auto Clicker

Multi-taps are a very interesting way of getting things to work on android phones. Every phone has a certain sensory time limit during which more than one tap on the screen will reflect as a double-tap action.

You have to do it in the right amount of time, which requires even more work than a single tap. You can automate this task and lighten the load of constantly tapping on your screen, and creating bumps at the edges of your finger. 

Triple-taps on Android Auto Clicker

Triple taps are just like double taps, but only a few applications with special computing algorithms can detect them. This option is not very viable for everyone, but you can still use it wherever it is necessary. AutoClicker can easily fake triple taps without any interaction or intervention from your side.

Since only a few apps have support for triple taps, some apps can detect them as double taps. The computation task will be larger than double, so you should make sure to not turn this on if you do not need it. 

Idle clickers on Android Auto Clicker

Idle clickers are one of the best ways to pass your time during break hours of work. The applications have reward systems depending on how long you can tap on your screen. But a lot of people do not play clickers for the tapping, but the achievements. This is not wrong in itself, as one can use an application the way they want. 

If you want to earn achievements inside your idle clickers like Egg Inc, or Tap Titans, you should get yourself AutoClicker for android to make life easier.

How you can operate android AutoClicker 

With AutoClicker you can activate a floating menu that will ask you to grant a few permissions. After you grant the permissions, you can choose to either activate a tapping action on a specific part of the screen. Or you can activate the action on many different parts of the screen at the same time. You can then close the panel and let the AutoClicker work on its own. 

The app will work like a charm until you decide to stop it. Or you can change the settings of each mode to add more calculative algorithms. You can also place a click stop limit which will automatically quit the application after a certain number of taps. 

Features of Android AutoClicker

Easy to use

AutoClicker has a very intuitive and straightforward user interface that responds to your every action. The application also does not use too many resources because it has a very simple working principle. 

Record your gestures

You can easily record the gesture and the app where the said gesture will act. AutoClicker will automate the gesture according to the algorithms you define. 

Curve swipes and two fingers zoom

Two fingers zoom and swipes are necessary actions for scrolling. You can automate those actions as well without any hindrance with AutoClicker. 

Personalize your application

Our application allows you to change the opacity of windows and if you want feedback after every tap. You can have the power of personalization to you so that you have a better experience with our software. 

Custom click parameters

You can set custom parameters for the click, such as the position of the tap. You can also set the delay at which the tap rate changes and the duration of every tap. 

Save and load

You can save your touch recordings with us online, and we will sync that data across your mobile devices. You just have to create a working account on our website. 

Start and stop the timer

You can set limits for which the AutoClicker will run. After the click rate reaches the limit, the app will automatically stop.


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